Monday, 26 July 2010

Teenage FuckPig--Beastly Vignette Special Edition

Hi Folks,

The latest Special Edition Release from the Beastly Vignettes series..Teenage Fuckpig.. This release contains the original 26 image full size Gallery pictures at 1490x1080, plus the 14 page story based PDF.

As usual click the picture on the right for direct download..

and some sample pages for you below.




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Anonymous said...

This is brilliant! I've rarely seen 3d art of comparable quality (Svarog probably comes to mind).

On top of that, the story is extremely well told.

I bow my head before a genius (and am looking forward to enjoying the other stories).

A beastly fan

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Anonymous said...

Love your work. Thanks something about a gorgeous girl being oral with an animal - wow

Karina WĹ‚odarek said...

click on the image on the right! Opens advertising!

Anonymous said...

this girl is so hot :) dam i wish he is my gf

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